Discrete-Time Analysis of Wireless Blockchain Networks

Published in IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC), 2021

Recommended citation: Wilhelmi, F., & Giupponi, L. (2021). Discrete-Time Analysis of Wireless Blockchain Networks.

Abstract: Blockchain (BC) technology can revolutionize future networks by providing a distributed, secure, and unalterable way to boost collaboration among operators, users, and other stakeholders. Its implementations have traditionally been supported by wired communications, with performance indicators like the high latency introduced by the BC being one of the key technology drawbacks. However, when applied to wireless communications, the performance of BC remains unknown, especially if running over contention-based networks. In this paper, we evaluate the latency performance of BC technology when the supporting communication platform is wireless, specifically we focus on IEEE 802.11ax, for the use case of users’ radio resource provisioning. For that purpose, we propose a discrete-time Markov model to capture the expected delay incurred by the BC. Unlike other models in the literature, we consider the effect that timers and forks have on the end-to-end latency.

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