Usage of Network Simulators in Machine-Learning-Assisted 5G/6G Networks

Published in Submitted to IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, 2020

Recommended citation: Wilhelmi, F., Carrascosa, M., Cano, C., Jonsson, A., Ram, V., & Bellalta, B. (2020). Usage of Network Simulators in Machine-Learning-Assisted 5G/6G Networks. arXiv preprint arXiv:2005.08281.

Abstract: Without any doubt, Machine Learning (ML) will be an important driver of future communications due to its foreseen performance in front of complex problems. However, the application of ML to networking systems raises concerns among network operators and other stakeholders, especially regarding trustworthiness and reliability. In this paper, we devise the role of network simulators for bridging the gap between ML and communications systems. Network simulators can facilitate the adoption of ML-based solutions by means of training, testing, and validating ML models before being applied to an operative network. Finally, we showcase the potential benefits of integrating network simulators into ML-assisted communications through a proof-of-concept testbed implementation of a residential Wi-Fi network.

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