[ML5G-I-238] Machine Learning Sandbox for future networks including IMT-2020: requirements and architecture framework


Abstract: Use cases for integrating machine learning (ML) to future networks including IMT-2020 has been documented in Supplement 55 and an architecture framework for this integration was specified in ITU-T Y.3172. However, network stakeholders are apprehensive about using ML-driven approaches directly in live networking systems because it can lead to unexpected situations that can degrade KPIs. This is mostly due to the apparent complexity of ML mechanisms (e.g., deep learning), the incompleteness of the available training data, the uncertainty produced by exploration-exploitation approaches (e.g., reinforcement learning), etc. In the face of such impediments, the ML Sandbox emerges as a potential solution that allows mobile network operators (MNOs) for improving the degree of confidence in ML solutions before their application to the network infrastructure. This contribution discusses the requirements, architecture, and implementation examples for ML Sandbox in future networks including IMT-2020.

The document is available here, and the presentation can be found at https://fwilhelmi.github.io/files/ML5G-I-238_attachment.pdf.