A proposal to reuse Komondor, an IEEE 802.11ax-oriented simulator for future wireless networks in FG ML5G


Abstract: Komondor is an open-source IEEE 802.11ax-oriented simulator that includes intelligent agents as an integral part of the wireless operation. As part of this simulator, a common ML-based architecture is proposed to frame different types of learning, which range from decentralized to centralized systems, according to the available information. We propose to use Komondor to contribute to the FG-ML5G in a twofold manner: i) serve as a test environment for several purposes of the group (implementation of proposals, representation of data formats, etc.), and ii) generate synthetic data as a result of the IEEE 802.11 operation in a customized way. This document is intended as a starting point to showcase the potential of the simulator through specific use cases, so that interactions and potential collaboration with the FG can be found.